Thursday, October 20, 2016

Comparison between TAG Heuer and Rolex watch

This article is for comparing between two watches brand. You probably have heard about the top watch brand TAG Heuer. And the second one is Rolex. If you are trying to buy a watch and can’t decide between TAG Heuer and Rolex, this article is here for it. It will probably clear up your mind and help you decide the best from the rest. I have learned quite a bit about the technology, chronograph movement and reliability of TAG watches and Rolex. This will help you through.

1) Appearance:

Rolex watches are usually same like in appearance. Rolex rarely changes the appearance of their watches, meaning that they are all almost the same. A Rolex watch from the early 70s will look very similar to the one you would find in the stores or buy these days. TAG Heuer however has a different tradition that is changing the appearance of the watch after a time. TAG’s newly released watches models look different every few years. This depends on the choice of the buyer. Some people like the same old appearance due to which this testament of Rolex’s timeless appeal may attract loyal customers. However, on the other hand, others like to update their look from time to time.

2) Quality and Value:

Surprisingly, the fact is this that Rolex is not considered the “best” watch among the other high-fi brands by the high-end watches experts. However, it is the most recognized brand among the general public. And moreover it is not also the most expensive watch. Both brands are popular and known for the making of the finest mechanical and quartz watches. If you are considering trading it in down the road, a Rolex may be a better choice, since it retains its intrinsic value and will be worth more than a Tag watch over time.

3) Diamonds:

TAG Heuer uses F to G color diamonds for their watches while Rolex uses D color diamonds. Most of the models of these watches come with a two-year warranty.

4) Movement:

Rolex uses its own in-house movement on most models, which is made by self-winding. TAG uses ETA movement, owned by Swatch. Both companies make quartz and mechanical versions. Quartz is not only more accurate but it is likely to be more reliable over the long term. They are also cheaper than the mechanical ones. Mechanical chronographs can be incredibly accurate, but they are not for everyone. If you switch watches frequently they might lose accuracy. It is because their self winding movements can only be activated by wearing them.

5) Accuracy:

Quartz will be more accurate over time because it doesn’t require movement for self-winding, but most chronograph wearers are more concerned with the workmanship and intrinsic value of a Swiss chronograph than they are with consistent accuracy.

6) Service:

Both companies give a two-year warranty on most models and a three-year on some. But neither provides a lifetime warranty anymore. Service on either watch, if it is regularly worn, is usually needed after every 4-5 years.
For the users to buy the best according to their need this epic review compares both brands in great detail. This guide will satisfy those looking to identify the main differentiators. However, choosing a TAG Heuer watch versus a Rolex is also a matter of personal taste. Last but not the least, if you want further information and proper consultation, you should better visit some trustworthy price comparison site.

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