Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What you need to know about Apple iPhone 6 16GB Mobile Phone

There are not many Apple devices that got so much popularity, and the iPhone 6 is one of them. It is bigger, better, and efficient. Not only this, the smartphone device can perform complex tasks in minutes. Let’s discuss about this phone in detail.


The Apple iPhone 6 16GB comes with 4.7-inch display that will give you a larger viewing area. The enhancement in the screen provides better contrast and brightness. The display specifications include HD screen containing 1334 X 750 pixels.

Thickness and Weight

As far as thickness of the phone is concerned, it is 6.9 mm thick. The Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB is slightly thicker at 7.1mm.  And it is 129 grams heavy in weight.


The size of the device is bigger than almost all previous versions. But being bigger also creates problem when it comes to the usability. It is hard to pick and hold this bigger sized device in a single hand while performing some critical tasks.

Storage Capacity

With having bigger dimensions, the iPhone 6’s capacity is also big enough.  Particularly, when it comes to the featured Apple model iPhone 6 that offers 1 GB of RAM with an internal storage of 16GB. 64GB and 128GB models are also available to increase the memory space.


The processor of this iPhone 6 comprises of 64-bit incorporated A8 chip that runs iOS 8 operating system.  The listed enhanced speed of this device is at 25 percent and an increase of 50 percent as it associates to the graphics performance.


Another good thing included in the bigger design of this Apple iPhone is the fact that the battery is comparatively big as well.  It is only just as more power is needed for the larger display, but does allow for longer usage because of the increased storage capacity of the battery.

Outer Design

The smartphone’s exterior has become more conducive to the user’s ability when it comes to controlling the buttons.  On the face of the device is the touch screen display.  Under this, there is the home button and when a user presses this button, it brings the user back to the home screen. With the simple long touch on the home button, the smartphone device can be locked conveniently, thanks to its nice and innovative design.

Internal Speaker

Another powerful feature of this device is the up-gradation to the internal speaker.  The speaker is intended to providing a high quality and intense sound. The volume buttons are located on the left side, but are now flat design shape and have wide buttons.  Power button is situated over the volume button.  Under beneath there is a 3.5 mm jack that will accommodate earphones.


The rear camera of this Apple iPhone is 8MP with rapid auto focus. You can capture beautiful photos and record movies. You can record at the speed of 60 fps. Not only this, you can even record at 240fps slow motion feature. The front camera is not powerful enough though, with only 1.2MP sensor.

Available Colors

The Apple iPhone 6 16GB Refurbished Mobile phone available in some exciting colors including silver, space gray, and gold. You can make your device more stunning by adding some quality cover case.

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