Monday, January 1, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Note 8: Which One to Choose?

With the availability of iPhone 8, LG V30, and OnePlus 5, the Galaxy Note 8 is experiencing some tough competition. And if you are a true Samsung lover, then the selection can be even more difficult with the other latest Galaxy devices such as Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

The Galaxy Note 8 is almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, backed by a curved Infinity Display, a back-mounted fingerprint reader, as well as a pressure-sensitive home button.

But still there are some differences between these two flagship mobiles, and it is good to know about these differences so you can choose the best according to your preferences. So, let’s get started.


First thing first. Let’s start the difference with the screen size and the features. Well, Samsung galaxy s8 is composed by 5.8 inches Super AMOLED display screen that is ideal for an average user. But if you love watching movies or dramas most often than not, then you should opt for the bigger 6.3 inches screen of Galaxy Note 8. The stylus pen is also included in the pack. And best of all, Note 8 lets you enjoy multiple apps at a time, thanks to its new app pair feature.


Although both S8 and S8+ mobile phones are the best in the world when it comes to camera quality. But Galaxy Note 8 includes dual camera on back. In addition to that, both cameras of the Note 8 support OIS which should result in excellent shots.



The dual cameras of Note 8 is a special feature. But may be the convenient way to determine whether the Note 8 or Galaxy S8 is right for you is to ask yourself whether you wish to use a stylus or not. The Note 8’s S pen lets you to take notes with ease, even without starting the screen.

Other prominent feature of S Pen is its Live Messages, where you can sketch your own GIFs, and it possess improved translation capabilities.


When it comes to the performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sports the same Snapdragon 835 processor as the Galaxy S8, but S8 offers only 4G RAM in comparison with Note 8 which has 6GB RAM. The Note 8's extra RAM give it slight edge over S8 and that’s why it is getting popularity amongst various tech communities.

Battery & Storage

Even with 3,300 mAh small battery, the Galaxy Note 8 offered the same 11-hour battery life, similar to the Galaxy S8 Plus. The smaller Galaxy S8 battery life is slightly less comparing with these mobile phones.

Just like the S8, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with 64GB of internal storage that you can increased up to 256GB via a microSD card. Overall, Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Mobile Phone and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB Mobile Phone are well enough for performing everyday tasks.


Now let’s talk about the most important thing, which is price. The Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Mobile Phones costs will lie between 1000 to 1200 AUD. Similarly, The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB Mobile Phone price can be availed from $840 and $950, depending on your carrier.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 8 rates between 960 AUD to 1020 AUD, remaining the Note line's image as the cheap member of Samsung's lineup.

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