Monday, January 1, 2018

Top 5 Reasons You Should Grab an iPhone X Smartphone

When every season passes, numerous wave of mobile phone devices is released by the companies that’s more capable and more powerful than the previous ones. We’re at the stage where everyone equipped with a latest model smartphone or tablet to handle their at-home and at-work tasks without any hassle. So, it’s quite tricky to decide which one will be the perfect for our all kind of needs. If you are stuck at that point, we’re here to help you out smartly. In this article, we are going to share with you not only the features of iPhone X but also top 5 reasons that will show you why only iPhone X is perfect than the other Apple phones and Android smartphones.

3D Touch and Big Screen

The iPhone X comes with the widest display screen 5.8-inches which diagnose and sports a 2436x1125 pixel resolution at 458 pixels-per-inch. It’s being called “Super Retina”. it’s so darn clear and practically unreal. Moreover, as compared to the iPhone 8, iPhone X is almost one-and-a-half times more pixel-y.

Massive Storage to Getting Rid of Memory Problem

Storage is one of the major factors that every user asks when it comes to buying every smartphone. This problem has been solved as Apple iPhone X 256GB Mobile Phone is now available that enables you to store your memories just by a single click the way you always wish about. Sounds great, right?

Face ID Works Well

Another major reason to get this iPhone X is that you can now unlock your phone by using its TrueDepth camera or new Face ID feature. To unlock your phone, simply look your iPhone X, then swipe up on the screen to log in. Moreover, Face ID is being used for authenticating mobile payments. Even it works when you have sweaty or messy fingers. Face ID works in the bright sunlight and in the dark too.

Gestures without Home Button

First time in the history of Apple smartphones, the iPhone X has changed the entire look of the phone by offering no Home button. Credit goes to the Apple developers’ unbelievable ability to understand what actually users want to. Now it actually feels and seems more enjoyable than simply pressing a button as our brains remain more comfortable with the gestures.

It Feels Like The Future

Technically iPhone X has a unique and stylish design with a super-strong glass on the front and back along with a fresh new gold option. Its big 5.8-inch screen in a body is much larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 and others. Interestingly, there is no home button, but at that stage, you just swipe up to go back to the home screen, then swipe and hold briefly to show all open apps. Also, it comes with stainless steel band which gives a touch of luxurious class.

However, the price of an iPhone X cannot be overlooked. This is considered to be the top and most factor for many people. The price of iPhone X is a bit high than other smartphones but, if you are looking to get this phone at lesser prices, then you can make a purchase of Apple iPhone x 64GB Mobile Phone as it only offers you a less storage space but with all the same features.

Because neither you want to pay the high price nor you want to compromise on features. So, iPhone X 64GB fits your budget comfortably as price varies only as per the selection of storage space while all other features remain same.

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