Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Holidaying on a budget? Compare Prices before Planning a Holiday

A vacation is the most looked forward time of the year. Be it a trip to sunny beaches or serene meadows, mountain resorts or vast forests, every place becomes heaven on earth if you are not constantly worrying about mounting bills and a dire prospect of becoming bankrupt in the middle of your holiday. A very easy solution to this dilemma is to run a complete and thorough price check before embarking on your dream destination. You can do this with the help of numerous brochures from your travel agent or you can visit a price comparison site to know the prices of everything under the sun. Here are a few things you should look into.

Compare Air Fares:

Compare air fares of all the airlines before calling your travel agent. You can make an advance booking during deal days and there is a possibility that you can book yourself in a group tour at that time. You can save massively on that one.

Compare Hotel Prices:

The best thing about a price comparison exercise is that it introduces you to the possibilities previously unknown. If all the hotel prices are too high for your budget; look for the bed and breakfast guest houses away from the downtown areas. Or you can book a studio apartment if you are traveling in a group. That will cost a pittance of a hotel room. This is only possible if you are travelling alone. If you are with family then you can check the hotels that supply extra mattresses in the same room.

Compare Transport Prices:

Compare the fuel prices in your destined location as well as rates of car hire. You can also buy travel passes or use your senior citizen card or student ID card for free or subsidized transport.


Compare the rates of different travel companies for guided sightseeing tours in groups. Compare the ticket prices of theme parks, museums, theatres and concerts etc. you can purchase coupon books through the site you are using and get the maximum discount on all your favorite activities while on vacation.

Compare Food Prices:

We all know that the most important, and sometimes extravagant, expenditure of a holiday is the food. Thus it is of utmost importance that you check the food prices in the city you are traveling to so that you don’t get surprised by the unexpected dent ion your budget. Know and mark the stores and restaurants that offer the most affordable price.


Compare the stores, shops, brands and souvenir outlets before going on a shopping spree. Look for deal days and promotions going on to save maximum money.

Running a price comparison check before you leave for the holiday will give the most relaxing vacation without any unexpected and unpleasant surprises as far as money is concerned. Note down the places that are most suitable in your budget and take the list along. Make informed decisions and make the best of your holiday.

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