Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Save Money?

Use the Ultimate Money Saving Expert: ---- The Price Comparison Site

Money doesn't always bring happiness but the honest truth is that it is terribly hard to be broke or not having enough cash when an emergency arises. Enjoying your youth is important but saving for your retirement is prudent. Economists believe that ideally you should save at least a 10% of your monthly income. For many it is a hard feat to achieve because they try to save big. Let us show you how you can save in small quantity here and there that will sum up collectively to become that targeted 10% every month.

1.Avoid The Mall:

It might be fun to go out shopping in a mall once in a while, but if you want to save your money, avoid the mall at all costs. Here is how you spend at the mall:

  • Transportation
  • Parking fee
  • Impulsive shopping because things are beautifully displayed to entice you
  • Shop rent and staff salaries that are by extension transferred to the buyer i.e. you
  • Eating at mall restaurants after a tiring day of shopping 

What is the alternative? Use the internet for your daily to yearly shopping.

2.Compare prices :

It is always a good idea to compare the prices of all the merchandise available in the market before buying anything. No, you don’t have to spend hours in the mall taking notes and asking questions. Use the ultimate money saving expert; the price comparison websites. These sites connect you to merchants all over the world and you get to know product specifications along with the prices that reduces you expenditure to a fair degree.

3.Sign up for deals:

Become a member of any price comparison site and receive news letters about deals, promotions, sales and customer rewards. Receive coupons in the mail and make sure to use them. Even if you go shopping in the mall, you can view on you cell phone the price comparison of a product you want to buy.

4.Save on grocery:

Compare price of grocery and pay accordingly. Plan your meals according to the sales in the grocery section. Make meal plan for the whole week and stick to it. It’s no use buying on impulsive whim something that is going to rot in the fridge or the kitchen shelf. Avoid eating out. Look for recipes that are easy on labor, pocket and palate---eat and entertain at home.

5.Spend less on vacations:

Compare prices of air fares, hotel rooms, car hires, entertainment and food in your desired region when planning a vacation. Make use of the customer reviews on the price comparison website you are a member of.

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