Thursday, December 14, 2017

Which Is Better: Tablet or iPod?

With the advancement of technology, variety of gadgets are coming into the market. Today, you have a wide range of options such as mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods, and tablets, etc. in short, the options are endless. If you are confused while deciding whether you should go for a tablet or Apple iPod, we can assist you in this regards. But first, you need to know the differences between these two devices. And it’s a good habit to compare apple tablets prices and apple iPod prices online. So, let’s get started.

Brand vs. Type

Talking about iPod, it is a brand. Simply, it indicates the series of a products initiated by a particular manufacturer.  Inversely, the tablet is a device manufactured by any of the various device makers. This is a kind of computer and many tablet PC producers are competing in the market nowadays i.e. Apple, Samsung, and Sony, etc.


Tablet is a bigger device as compared to iPod. You can hold iPod in a single hand conveniently while on the other hand, tablet device is hard to carry in single hand as it is little heavier as well. Tablet is used usually for reading and watching movies purposes. Inversely, you use iPod just like you use smartphone.

Operating Systems

All iPod series are loaded by iOS, which is a special operating system backed by Apple only. And all iPod machines have the iOS operation system preloaded. Talking about the Apple tablets, you will not be able to find an Apple tablet that runs an OS produced by any other vendor. But tablet devices manufactured by other vendors run Android OS. Therefore, if you like Android operating systems, you may probably wish to buy a tablet that runs your desired Android OS version.


Adobe Flash, usually called just Flash, is a multimedia platform that lets you stream audio, video and various other media types. The bad news is that the Apple devices including all the iPod machines don't allow you to install Flash. Inversely, almost all the other third party tablets support Flash. Therefore if your concern is watching videos or movies that usually run on Flash, you should opt for a tablet that supports this type of app.


You can perform multitasking whether you own a tablet or an iPod. However, multitasking can be performed in a different way on both the machines. For example, when you operate multiple programs on an iPod, the very first app will be interrupted and stopped until you are using the second app.

However, some apps like iTunes remains in the working condition in the background. But this can't be true for all the other working apps in the meantime. If you have a tablet with Android, the apps will run in the background and you can use any of your favourite app.

Final Thoughts

While having the above major differences in mind, you can easily select a gadget of your desired needs.  We hope that the differences described between these two devices were helpful. If you are shopping in Australia, then you should compare tablets prices in Australia for getting the best deals.

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