Tuesday, December 26, 2017

7 Things that can Excite Multi Sports Athletes About Garmin Forerunner 920XT Tri-Bundle

To select a watch for athletic contest today is just like choosing a laptop. With numerous features and models available, it can be overwhelming. But with having Garmin Forerunner 920XT, this hassle can be decreased to some extent. This is one of the most featured all-in-one multisport watches especially if you are going to participate in any multisport event or training.

Besides 920XT's excellent features, Garmin has defined two new heart rate monitor straps as well named, the HRM-Swim and the HRM-Tri.  This makes Forerunner 920XT Tri-Bundle an ideal GPS watch gear for many athletes. And the good news is that you can easily compare Garmin Smart Watches Prices online for getting the maximum savings.

Following are the top 7 things related to the Garmin 920XT Tri-Bundle that can excite any multisport athlete.

1. Activity Tracking

The activity tracking feature in Forerunner 920XT Tri-Bundle measures your steps, sleep and calories that are burned all day, so you could remain informed with your daily activities.

2. Smart Notification and Live Tracking

When you connect the Garmin 920XT with your mobile and the Mobile app of the brand, the live tracking feature provides you the facility of checking and sharing your stats and location on a map in real time. Smart notifications display text, email and other notifications on your watch when connected to a compatible smartphone.

3. Bluetooth Smart Technology and Wi-Fi Data Transfer

The Garmin 920XT can transfer the data by using Garmin Connect Mobile app on your phone using Bluetooth Smart technology. You can also utilise one or more Wi-Fi hot spots, and this gear will auto sync with Garmin Connect if available in range.

4. Connect IQ App

This great application inside 920XT lets you personalise your Smartwatch through downloading new watch faces, data fields, apps and widgets. If you are serious of purchasing, don’t forget to compare smart watches prices online, so you can find the best out of best.

5. Underwater Heart Rate Monitors

Garmin Forerunner 920XT captures detail oriented swim metrics such as distance, pace, stroke rate, stroke count, and swolf score. Both HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri work as underwater heart rate monitors and can store and forward heart rate data as well as swim interval heart rate stats. HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim save heart rate data while swimming, forward data to your favorite Smartwatch at the end of a session and send real-time heart rate to the device when the monitor is not inside the water.

6. Comfortable Design

Due to its small, unique, and non-slip design, HRM-Swim heart rate monitor is ideal for pool training. It remains consistent in place, even during wall push offs. HRM-Tri, on the other hand, is suitable for swim bike run activities due to its soft round edge formation.

7. User-replaceable Battery

Both HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri use a CR2032 replaceable battery. HRM-Tri battery life is almost 10 months, and the HRM-Swim battery can last up to 1 and a half year (swimming 3 hrs./week).

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