Thursday, December 21, 2017

Apple Watch Series 2 Australian Pricing and other Considerations

The second-generation Apple wearable was introduced alongside the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. Apple watch Series 2 has already got some great appreciation worldwide including all over Australia. But before gating this exceptional watch, you have to consider its cost? If you are serious to buy this amazing gadget, then don’t forget to compare smart watches prices in Australia for getting maximum advantage of online shopping.

This is true that the new iPhone is widely available to buy. But it doesn't include headphone jack. With these next generation of mobile phones, Cupertino, headquarters of Apple, was the first place to launch the Apple Watch 2 (officially the Apple Watch Series 2).  This new Apple wearable is really brighter, fast, and best of all affordable to purchase. Not only this, you can make your buying even more cheap by using a reputed price comparison site in Australia.

There are hundreds of models on demand while the hardware doesn't alter, you would like to see a range of different cosmetic options in 38mm and 42mm from 529 AUD.

The original Apple Watch is modern and flexible too. The Series 1 will still be purchased with the new wearable, but now having the efficient second-generation processor which should make it around 50% faster as compared to the original.

Almost all of the upgrades to the Apple Watch 2 are under the hood, as well as outside this is the similar square design just like the original model. However, the new wrist watch is promoting more fitness features and a better hardware boost.

Following is table where you can see the Apple smart watches prices comparison in Australia, with the US and UK market price. That was the initial announced prices.

Prices converted at a rate of $1 AUD = £0.575474 and 0.767510 USD.

The conversions of the cost are really friendly and affordable. So if you are in Australia looking to upgrade your wearable with some unique and stylish wrist in budget, Apple Series 2 smart watch is one of the best choices right now. And the best part is that the options list of very upper end is even less than 40 bucks in Australia. Sadly, the things are not same at iPhone 7/7 plus end.

If you are really interested to avail this amazing and exceptional watch backed by a reputed brand, try to compare Apple smart watches prices, sizes, and features from a reputed dealer in Australia. This way you will not only get some amazing deals and discounts, but even free shipping locally.

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