Wednesday, January 3, 2018

6 Reasons to Consider Why Apple iPhone Over the Android for Business

Let us start by saying that majority of the people love to buy Android devices as they come with a variety of hardware and myriad software and lots of other options. Commonly, Android phones are known as the sexiest smartphones with most exciting features. But when the friends and family ask which phone is best to buy? We tend to recommend the iPhone over Android. The reason behind to go the iPhone is not just a platform, but they have the features which cannot be found on Android devices. What kind of features? This is exactly the next question which immediately comes to mind. That is why we’re going to share top 6 reasons why Apple iPhones over the Android when it comes to buying.

Much Faster than Android

If you’re puzzled and cannot decide which phone would work great, you’re at the right place then.  The iPhone models run more than 50% faster as compared to the well-famous Android handsets. Also, if you’ve decided to buy any model of Apple iPhone, e.g., iPhone 7 32GB Mobile Phone, know that the A11 Bionic chip inside blows away anything from Android devices. It not only does the processor pace Apple’s flagship to wins in synthetic benchmarks, e.g., 3DMark and Geekbench 4 but also run circles around like Galaxy Note 8 when you do the things like opening large files or editing 4K videos.

Excellent Dual Cameras

Numerous manufacturers of smartphones now offering dual cameras with different importance. In the world of technology, Samsung is still miles behind. But a secondary camera is being currently offered in iPhone 7 plus which gives you 2x optical zoom and portrait mode that enables you to capture good quality images. Despite, Android devices are offering the same features, but there are some limitations on its creativity.

Works Fine with Other Devices

It’s one of the major reasons why iPhone over the Android business. With the help of iPhone devices, you can run your business smoothly from one device to another device. Let us give you an example, if you are using iPhone 7 32GB 4G LTE Mobile Phone and you own an iPad and Mac too, then your information flows fluently, even you can sync your data quickly, answer a call on your Mac or iPad, sent text messages from your other devices with ease. Handoff option is also being offered which makes you enable to start a task on your phone and continue on your iPad or Mac.

Devoted Customer Support

With no doubt, everyone at least once asks the services from the company he/she uses devices of. Apple company has well-trained and dedicated customer support representatives who go extra miles and guide their customers to the next level. As compared to the other electronics companies, Apple is the only one who comes anywhere remotely close to their users to provide them their best.

Battery Life

It seems that battery life is one of the most important concerns for almost everyone and that’s the big reason people like to switch to the iPhone. However, Apple iPhones don’t have marvelous battery life at all, but the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Mobile Phone model is a class leader. According to the users of iPhone, once you have an iPhone 7 Plus, you wouldn’t be worried about battery life anymore.

An iPhone 7 Apps Look Beautiful

We’ve seen that most of the apps are available for both Android and iPhone platform. But hundreds of apps and games still come to the iPhone first. However, when the apps are available, we always often find a better design on the iPhone than Android. And when the apps come at the same time on both Android and iPhone, we see still more ways apps for iPhone only as compared to the Android.

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