Monday, November 13, 2017

Apple X Review: Pros and Cons of the New Apple Marvel

Apple has been the stalwart company in the mobile phone market. The company started manufacturing cell phones from 2007 and there has been a gradual increase in its popularity. The company released a new version of iPhone every year and on their tenth anniversary; the company released a special phone called iPhone X. the original iPhone stirred up the cell phone market in 2007 with its unique interface and features. While all the world was stuck in the Symbian and Java handsets; apple provided a new interface called iOS and it opened up new horizons for mobile users. If you compare mobile phone prices in Australia; you will notice that the iPhone is always one step ahead of competitors both in terms of features and pricing.

What’s good in the IPhone X?


Awesome design:

In this new Apple iPhone X; you will see the refined design and the screen bezels are also adjusted in the new phone. Revamped works on the cameras have also been done as you will not get dual lens cameras on the back and front.


Great Cameras:

IPhone has been famous for its awesome camerawork and video recording. From the past few years; Samsung has been releasing phones with great cameras as well and last year; they have even surpassed the iPhone cameras in depth and low light performance. Apple had to come up with a phone with great camera and they have done so with the help of iPhone X. Different modes are also included in the cameras so that you can capture professional images.


Wireless Charging:

From past couple of years; the android users were taunting the iOS users due to the lack of wireless charging and now apple has also introduced wireless charging in their new phones. Another great improvement is the new lighting connector.


What’s not good in IPhone X?


FaceID problem:

In the Apple iPhone X 64gb 4g LTE; the company has snubbed the touchID and replaced it with FaceID. The touchID was introduced in iPhone 5S and it helped you to unlock the phone with the touch of the button and now it is even simpler; you only need to look at the screen to open the phone. You need to register your face to the network and the true depth sensors will unlock the phone every time you look at the phone. The only downside to the true depth sensors is that the phone does not respond sometimes and there is no touch ID to open the phone.


Changes to Swipe down Menu:

In the previous versions of the iPhone; you could swipe down the notification bar to open the control panel and notifications but in the new version; the first swipe down will reveal the control panel and then you will have to swipe right to get your notifications. This nifty feature is a little annoying when you need to do things faster.


Unreliable glass:

IPhone has a long history of developing phones with high end screen and back but this new iPhone X does not have a durable back or the front screen. The phone has a high price in the market and if you compare apple mobile phone price with other brands; you will notice that cheaper brands have durable screen than iPhone X.

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