Friday, November 10, 2017

OnePlus 5: Pricier model with high end specs sheet

Oneplus is a Chinese startup that has been making high end phones from the past few years. The company has kept the phone in mid-range prices and their new Oneplus 5 is placed in the high-price category and offers high end specifications and features. If you compare mobile phone prices; you will notice that the Oneplus phone is still cheaper than other brands in the world but offer the same features. Here is the breakdown of Oneplus 5:   
Oneplus 5: Design
Oneplus 5 excels in the design department with its curvy back and less bezel screen. The back of the phone has excellent camera arrangement and blended antenna lines. The design makes the phone very comfortable to hold and easy to use. You will find the USB-C charger and headphones jack in the bottom of the phone. Oneplus 5 comes in two different colors. The fingerprint sensor is located in the bottom of the screen and it is fast and accurate.
OnePlus 5: Screen
Oneplus 3 and 3T had some issues related to screen and the company has eliminated all the bugs and issues and have provided a flawless screen to the users. Oneplus 5 comes with a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen that provides the maximum resolution of 1080 pixels. The company has also introduced new color profile called DCI-P3 in the phone that is also used in Samsung and Apple mobiles. The screen is protected by corning gorilla glass 5 that protects it from minor falls as well. The screen is perfect in terms of responsiveness as well. 
OnePlus 5: Performance
Oneplus 5 is powered by snapdragon 835 processor which is the fastest processor in the market. The adreno 540 GPU works perfectly in the phone and you can easily play any 3D game in the phone. The 8 GB RAM on the handset helps in multi-tasking and can handle all the latest applications with ease. Such high specs helps you the users to use heavy applications without any lag or glitches. The only problem that the people face with the phone are the Wi-FI module. The wifi loses single more often and does not work like other phones in the market.
OnePlus 5: Software
Oneplus phone comes with the Oxygen skin over the android operating system. The add-ons offered by the phone gives it a cool look. The always on display and night mode are flawless as well. The gaming mode allows you to play the games without the hassle of notifications. When the gaming mode is turned on; all your notifications will be saved in a folder so that you can enjoy the games with ease. The oxygen skin is based on android OS7 and it is not sure whether the phone will get Android O update or not.
Oneplus 5: Camera
The primary camera has dual-lens setup with a 16 MP and 20 MP telescopic lens
Compare oneplus mobile phones Prices with other brands you will notice that the OS and features are far better than other phones in the price range.

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