Monday, November 20, 2017

Samsung Notebook 9 (15-inch) Review

Samsung is the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world and it is due to their innovative technology and commitment to excellence. The company other departments are also famous all over the world. The laptop division has even manufacturing notebooks, ultrabooks, and Chromebooks for many years. The company has introduced many high-end laptops in the world and Samsung Notebook 9 is one such example. Laptop price comparison in Australia has revealed that the computer is best in terms of price and features. Here is the breakdown of what the laptop has to offer.

Samsung Notebook 9: Design

The Samsung notebook 9 offers great design and the design resemble that of a MacBook Pro. The simplistic and silver design gives it a unique look in the market. The laptop dons a shiny Samsung logo on the back as well. The only drawback to the design is that the magnesium base looks quite cheap and is easily breakable. The laptop only weighs 2.73 pounds and is only 0.61 inches thick which makes it thinner and lighter than the HP Spectre laptop.

Samsung Notebook 9: Display

The 15 inch 1080 pixel screen gives clear and sharp results whether you are working on the documents or watching the movies. The laptop screen highlights all the tiny details and it looks like the whole screen is lit. With high brightness and sharp results; you will be able to see the vivid colors that high-resolution videos have to offer.

Samsung Notebook 9: Performance

The laptop comes with Intel Core i7 processor and has 16 GB of RAM. The laptop performs at a faster rate and you will not feel any glitch of lag when you are multitasking. Apart from this; you will also get 256 GB of SSD hard drive on the machine as well. The laptop also features NVidia 940 MX graphics card that plays all the latest games with ease.

Samsung Notebook 9: Webcam and Battery life

The laptop features a 720p webcam that is excellent for making Skype calls and video conference calls. The images taken from the laptop webcam were grainy and the result was not so sharp. Coming to the battery life; you will get 9 hours 39 minutes battery time on the laptop that is fairly high than the other laptops in the current price range. Only the Chromebooks manufactured by the same company manages to give more battery life due to their interface and low tech specs. Samsung battery is dependable and you can perform all your tasks without looking for electric sockets all the time.

This is a decent effort by the company to tap the computer world. Samsung Notebook 9 offers distinctive features to the users and this is the main reason behind its popularity. Samsung notebook 9 is available at the retail price of 1300 USD and if you compare Samsung laptops prices with other brands; you will notice that the company is offering high-end laptops in low prices as they are trying to gain more market share.

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