Friday, November 3, 2017

Best Windows Phone of 2017

Windows phone is a family of windows smartphones that were released by Microsoft. The first Microsoft phone was released in 2010. The phones used metro design interface and the phones were aimed for consumer and enterprise market. 

The latest operating system of the Microsoft phones were Windows 8.1 and now they are working on their new interface which is also used in Surface tablets. The new phones that are lined up for release will have Windows 10 interface and are expected to release in 2018. In 2017; two Microsoft phones are making headlines in the smartphones market. Compare Mobile Phone Prices has revealed that these phones are best in terms of features and price.

Microsoft Lumia 950:

Microsoft Lumia 950 is the best Microsoft phone till date and has an exceptional camera. The camera takes good photos and record videos at 720p resolution. The phone also has the crystal clear screen as well and also feature a removable battery. All the new phones have non-removable battery and pose a problem when there is a critical issue with the battery. So the removable battery helps a lot in this regard. Windows phone face a lot of deficit when it comes to applications as well. The android and iOS phones have at least captured 85% of the market and the remaining 15% is divided into windows and Ubuntu OS.

On the other hand; the phone sometime lags as well. The phone is also placed in the high price range and does not live up to the expectations because of the lags and improper OS. If you compare Microsoft mobile prices; then you will notice that the phone does not provide good value in terms of features. The best feature of the phones is the continuum. It helps you to connect your phone to the computer and use it like a desktop. The phone will also receive the windows 10 update and it will drastically change the perspective of the phone.

Microsoft 950 XL:

Microsoft 950 XL has a vivid and sharp display and it packs plenty of power as well. The phone has extendable camera and has a solid camera. The front and back camera is packed with different features and modes as well. The 20 MP rear camera can help you to take good shots in low light as well.

The only downside to this phone is that the windows store does not have the same amount of applications as the other operating systems in the mobile world. The design of the phone is also good and you will find good speakers in the phone as well. While most of the applications in the android store are free; the windows users are forced to buy the essential applications for money.

While all the high end features are packed in the phone and windows 10 makes it a good experience; but there is still no strong reason for an android user to switch to this platform. Whatever the specs maybe; this is one of the best phones released by Microsoft.    

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